Marwan Abu al Hakam


My group ,Hakam Motors, is proud of its leaders alongside their staff for the dedication to the service of the group, as well as its credibility and the art of dealing with our customers. From the beginning, we sought to create a name worthy of us, in a short period of time not exceeding 6 years, during our establishment in the United Arab Emirates. Following the launch of 19 years we’ve grown to several Arab and Asian countries, rooting in Iraq and ending with Dubai. My company accomplished multiple accolades and successes whilst expanding to several branches thanks to the methodology I adopted in managing my group, which is honesty, trust and precision.


My advice to all businessmen and workers in the field of the car trade in particular is to come to the United Arab Emirates to open a real business channel to develop their business due to the vast resources available there and the facilities that this country has provided for investors from a safe business environment and great prospects for expanding their business at all levels and in various fields technology and life.


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Nashwan Al Hayali

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Being a proud member at Hakam Motors Group as a founder, following in the footsteps of my brother (Mr. Marwan Abu Al Hakam) sticking by his side since the beginning of the establishment to this day we’ve achieved together an integrated work environment in our group and a great deal of recognized achievements in the field of importing and exporting cars. Our successes extended to several Branches both inside and outside the country. I strive to enhance our business in the long term by complying with all covenants and constructive commitments whilst establishing development partnerships for our group to ensure continuity of the business flow in the group in order to achieve greater successes.


My advice to anyone who qualifies to build a successful and pioneering organization, especially with a family member, is to be like a single structure in the face of difficulties and to support each other. As our leadership of the group was characterized by the exchange of roles, the leadership of institutions needs wisdom, sophistication, gentleness and severity at the same time. All great values that I learnt from my brother Marwan, for I received all my experiences and knowledge from him and learnt a lot from him in business management for which I will remain utterly grateful from the bottom of my heart.

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Hakam Motors was founded and established first in Iraq. With more than 2 decades in the business, Hakam Motors has become a trusted name in different arab and asian countires including Dubai.
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